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Eden Shireen | LETTERS OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO | Press Release

Nov 9 | Posted by: Kristi Stouffle



Everyone can remember the first time they fell in love and the rollercoaster of emotions. The song Letters, featured on the Shadows EP released in March 2015, narrates the universal story of unrequited first love. The video captures the journey of heartbreak through the eloquently raw letters the protagonist writes to her lover but never sends. The letters reveal the spiral of attraction and intimacy one feels for a person that can’t be replaced in other relationships.

The video begins with the rush of excitement of new love and the perilous ride of passion and attraction. As the story unfolds, the viewer believes the love story will culminate with a marriage proposal. The poignant letters play a powerful backdrop to the story’s surprise ending as the boy ends up marrying someone else.

The video was a dedicated joint venture between Eden Shireen and Shane Sackett to tell a breathtaking graphic tale told through Shireen’s compelling songwriting of an unanswered love and the impossibility of recapturing that soulful connection with someone else, the unsent letters parallel the storyline of unreturned love. Produced over the course of two years, the video was shoot on location at the historic Tampa Theater in downtown Tampa and Jake English’s personal home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. 

Eden Shireen is a Tampa-based original songwriter and singer. An expressive young vocalist, Shireen uses her songwriting and vocal talent to formulate smooth lyrics that story-tell the exhilaration of falling in love and the delicate details of living in the moment.  Letters showcases  Shireen’s strength to whisper young love nostalgic and playful, crisp notes of folky pop melodies – taking the listener on an emotional, story-driven journey through the heartache of a secret love. 

“Letters is a universal story we have all experienced in our lives and  one that in many ways defines our abilities to love again as deeply.” Eden Shireen


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